Akasa Cypher MX3: New Thin Mini ITX Case

With a volume of just 2 litres and a height of 45mm, the new Akasa case comes in a very compact format. The Cypher MX3 is a Thin-Mini-ITX case that is especially designed for fanless PC systems. A special feature of the Cypher MX3 is its small size. Due to its compact size, it can be easily installed on the back of almost any screen. The required VESA images are already available for this purpose.

Cost-saving components

For the Cypher MX3, Akasa relies on 0.8 millimeter thick SCCC steel. Here, the hardware manufacturer is taking an atypical route. After all, the competition mainly uses aluminium as the material here. The reasons are obvious. Akasa wanted to significantly reduce the manufacturing costs of the Cypher MX3. This was the only way the case could achieve the favorable UVP of 59 USD.

Space saving dimensions

A glance at the Cypher MX3 immediately reveals the core competence of the case. With the comparatively very flat silhouette of 208 x 45 x 203 mm (WxHxD) it is hardly noticeable. A decisive disadvantage is the flat design. The Cypher MX3 offers only 2 litres of interior space. So there are limits for the hobbyists when installing the corresponding components. But you don’t have to worry about the ventilation of the hardware. The Cypher MX3 has several air holes on three sides.

Front USB ports

The Cypher MX3 has four USB Type-A connectors on the front panel. Two of them are USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0. Furthermore Akasa uses an inconspicuous power switch, which can be found next to a practical reset switch. The case outputs audio signals via the two built-in jack sockets. In order for the user to be able to mount the Cypher MX3 on a monitor as easily as possible, the VESA suspension is already included. The housing offers space for classic HDDs or SSDs in 2.5-inch format.

Available now

Who has interest in the Cypher MX3, can already strike now. Akasa already offers the case for sale under the name “A-ITX38U3-M1B”. In the USA, the manufacturer offers the case for an RRP of 59 USD. In Germany it is already available for prices of about 50 Euro.

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