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Almost Perfectly Surveiled: The Reolink C1 Pro Review

The C1 Pro surveillance camera from Reolink looks a bit like Darth Vader’s helmet and its lens is reminiscent of the red shimmering eye of the caring computer HAL from Stanley Kubriks 2001: Odyssey in Space. It comes with all sorts of useful accessories and does its job properly, albeit sometimes somewhat idiosyncratically. The software for the PC is also unconventional and looks old-fashioned. This is mainly due to the fact that it is still based on Adobe’s Flash.

In addition to the camera, a power supply unit with a three meter long cable and a network cable, the scope of delivery also includes all kinds of useful accessories, such as a clamp holder and, of course, a mini CD with the aforementioned software for the PC. Initially, the camera can only be set up via a direct network connection to the PC. Exemplary: A password is required to secure access to the camera. The settings for the WLAN can also be transferred to the camera on the PC. It can then be set up without a LAN cable, but must always remain connected to the AC adapter; the camera does not have a battery. The camera is not suitable for outdoor use.

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