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Alpenföhn Brocken 3 Black Edition – Massive Tower Cooler with Two Fans

Design & Workmanship

If you unpack the heat sink, you quickly realize that Alpenföhn has named this CPU cooler appropriately. The 720 g heavy Brocken 3 consists of 32 aluminium fins, five 6 mm heatpipes and a base plate with Heatpipe Direct Touch technology. This means that the heatpipes have been sanded smooth and rest directly on the CPU’s heatspreader. All aluminium fins, heatpipes and the base are glossy black anodized. If you look at the cooler from the side you can see that it is asymmetrical or aligned to the left. This construction should guarantee a high compatibility to high heatspreaders on the RAM modules despite the large fan.

The two included Wing Boost 3 fans from our own house are completely black, have a 4-pin PWM connector with Y switch and rotate at a maximum of 1050 revolutions per minute. The manufacturer has also included eight rubber buffers for decoupling.

As you can see on the pictures, the Brocken 3 Black Edition with both installed fans looks very massive and with a total weight of about 1 kg it weighs a lot. With a height of 165 millimeters, the CPU cooler also has a decent size, which could be too big for one or the other case.

As you can expect from an Alpenföhn product, the processing is very good. The heat sink has no bent fins, there are no sharp edges and also the anodisation of all components is clean.


A test system on a benchtable is used for the review. This allows us to rule out interference factors such as heat build-up in the housing. The test system consists of the following components.

As with all current Alpenföhn coolers, the Brocken 3 Black Edition also uses the RockMount2 mounting system. It is a mounting solution with a solid metal backplate and a frame construction on the front to screw the radiator on. The mounting system is based on the predecessor RockMount1 and has been slightly modified. But let’s start at the beginning.

For our AM4 system, the complete AMD retention module must be removed first. Alpenföhn, in contrast to other manufacturers, also relies on a self-developed backplate for AM4 systems. Four bolts have to be attached to this backplate and locked with “plastic shoes”. The mainboard can then be placed on the backplate so that the bolts can be seen on the front.

The plastic spacers must then be put over all four bolts. Then the mounting frame is put on the spacers and screwed with four nuts. Before the cooler can be placed on the CPU, the heat conducting paste must not be forgotten. In our review we use the Arctic MX-4 as usual and spread it evenly and thinly on the heatspreader.

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