Amazon Prime Video: Soon usable with multiple user profiles

Amazon Prime Video will apparently offer user profiles soon. Netflix has had this feature for quite some time. With multiple user profiles, members of a household can then create their own profiles. This was reported by Gadgets-NDTVs. Initially the offer will be limited to a few countries. Other countries will be added gradually. When it will be Germany’s turn is not yet known.

Amazon Prime Video: How do the user profiles work?

Amazon Prime Video‘s multiple user profiles function in a similar way to Netflix. Different members of a household can access movies and series without losing personal recommendations or individual progress. Each household member then uses their user profile as if it were their own account. This also makes it much easier to create profiles for your own children. This helps to sort out adult content for the dear little ones. In the case of specially designated children’s profiles, the films and series that do not match should be automatically hidden.

With an account for Amazon Prime Video you can create up to six independent profiles in the future. The creator profile must be clearly assigned to an adult. All other profiles can also be deleted – except the creator profile. The profiles can also be renamed – only the avatar cannot be changed. You can set up the profiles under the menu item “My Videos”, where you can also view your downloads, watchlist and purchases.

Amazon Prime Video: User profiles not available on all devices

But there is still a small catch to the whole thing so far. For example, the individual user profiles should only be available on certain devices. These include Android devices, iPhones, iPads, Fire tablets, Apple TV devices, Chromecast and the web version. Devices that are not supposed to support the user profiles are Fire-TV devices, Alexa devices with display and older Amazon tablets.

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