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Anno 1800 Review – Back to the Roots

Result: A Successful Construction Game That Is Not Only Interesting for Genre Lovers

Anno 1800 proves to be a successful construction game, which is in no way inferior to its predecessors in terms of complexity and game depth. Again and again one is motivated to establish production chains, to transport raw materials and to constantly advance the development of one’s own settlement. Each element fits perfectly into the other, while the new class system presents even passionate founders with entirely new challenges. While the story rather functions as a solid accessory, there is an important new detail to be found at every corner, which can play an important role later on. Both connoisseurs of the series and beginners will find exciting play food in Anno 1800 and get an optically polished up construction game. Fans of the series can once again devote themselves to strategic long-term planning, while newcomers find an ideal introduction to the genre in Anno 1800.

+ atmospheric industrial age
+ playable in story mode as well as endless mode
– very sudden end of actual story
+ logically structured production processes
+ complex trade relations
+ Authentic class system provides additional depth of play
+ always new possibilities of building and planning
+ Multiplayer for up to four players
+ challenging naval battles
– partly generic missions
+ informative game aids
+ different AI types for each player type
+ many challenges for connoisseurs of the series
– not every detail is sufficiently explained
Control unit
+ Structured menus and navigation – partly unclean camera work
Graphic & Sound
+ detailed representation of the game world
+ improved graphics engine
+ atmospheric soundtrack
– partly little authentic german soundtrack
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