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Anthem (PC) Review: Is It Really That Bad?

Never Alone, Always in Cooperation

An interesting feature: You’re never alone on these missions. With three other players you’ll battle your way through the enemy waves and complete the missions. However, tactical procedures fall by the wayside, as firstly no communication with the other Javelins is possible (no voice chat) and secondly the interaction is rather limited to the revival of the other players. With the right equipment even the higher levels of difficulty are no problem.

But the Javelin suit offers a lot of flexibility for the fights. Simply fly out of a dicey situation, dodge rockets or snipers by roll and then strike back with a lightning storm. The number of enemies often makes the fights hectic, with the right abilities larger groups of enemies are no problem. Also included is a Super ability that has a higher decay/recharge time than the others, but is all the more powerful.

With the weapons in Anthem, it’ll be done in no time. They are means to an end and very interchangeable. With the abilities the Javelins become really unique and bring a lot of fun into the game. There are different types of weapons like shotguns, precision rifles and assault rifles, but the individual weapons of one type always feel the same.

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