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Anthem (PC) Review: Is It Really That Bad?

Conclusion on Anthem

Meanwhile Twitch has become a good indicator for the popularity of a game. There Anthem now ranks quite low with an average of 1,000 spectators per day and that after such a short time. Anthem is by no means a bad game. It is a graphically very respectable game and also the game system, the connection between Shooter and SciFi is successful. Especially flying, dodging and fighting in a suit is fun.

But BioWare needs to be improved. The loading times are probably the biggest shortcoming. But also the missing Endgame-Content as well as the playful depth do not do justice to the demands of the players simply. Electronic Arts has to give BioWare the time to take the feedback of the players into consideration and not just try to limit the damage.

Is Anthem really that bad? Difficult because it’s a solid game with a lot of potential. If you are comfortable with the fact that there are still some problems and you can wait for improvements, then you should beat them. Anthem is fun, but long-term motivation is not yet given.

+ with the side emissions packing – long drawn through the dialogs
– Decisions no effect
+ good connection between Shooter and SciFi
+ good weapon feeling
– monotonous quests
– Loading screens…
– too sparse adaptation of the javelin
+ balance between weapons and spells good – Pile of opponents without great difficulty
– no visible progress when leveling up or improving the Javelin
Control unit
+ flying with the Javelin very fun! – much too hectic in big battles
Graphic & Sound
+ Frostbite-Engine always looks good!
+ cool soundtack
– with a lot of action you can only see effects of abilities
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