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AOC AG322QC4 Gaming Monitor With 31.5 inch And 144 Hz Under Review

Image Quality

However, an appealing design alone does not make a good monitor – this requires at least an equally appealing image quality. For the AG322QC4 a VA-panel should provide this. The test shows both advantages and disadvantages of this choice. With a response time of four milliseconds, the screen – at least in comparison with TN models – is not really very responsive. Instead, it scores with its enormous colour fidelity and superb viewing angle stability.

The frame rate of 144 Hertz as well as the resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels can be described as average. Although many monitors of course still set to 60 Hertz, there are now also some monitors that exceed 144 Hertz. Nevertheless, this frame rate is very popular among many gamers – more is not worth it. In our opinion, the resolution is just enough for a 31.5-inch monitor not to attract negative attention. We recommend this resolution for monitors from 27 inches.

The brightness of only 300 candela per square meter is also average. According to AOC, local dimming can be used to switch up to 400 candelas. We don’t notice the brightness of the display negatively in the test.

This brings us to the two main innovations: The AG322QC4 is equipped with FreeSync-2 technology as well as display HDR-400, which makes it much more attractive on paper at least. In fact, the monitor proves to be very well suited for playing fast games of all kinds. Images do not hang, but fluidly merge, tearing and stuttering do not occur during our test.

The display HDR 400 certification doesn’t really say much about the quality of the monitor. Everything that is necessary for this certification is only just above the market average. Nevertheless, we must state that we are satisfied with the image quality in every respect.

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