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AOC C27G1 Curved Gaming Monitor Review


The design of the black-red AOC C27G1 is strikingly stylish. It features a sharp-edged housing and a spread base in the guise of modern high-end gaming monitors. The red contrasting design elements on the back and base round off the overall picture of the screen and show at first glance what is inside. Due to its particularly thin edges, one could almost speak of a frameless design, a perfect multi-monitor setup can also be realized.

The AOC logo is enthroned at the bottom of the screen. To the right are the icons for the controls, which are located below the screen. The stand does not take up much space on the desk thanks to its spread design and at the same time offers a safe stand and hold for the monitor. An opening in the foot matching the look ensures tidy cable management. So the connected cables are hardly noticeable.


The height of the AOC C27G1 can be adjusted by 130 mm and the inclination between -4° and 21.5°. Unfortunately it is not possible to swivel the monitor to the left or right. There is also no pivot function, as is usual for curved displays. Who would like to do without the stand can mount his setup also with the 100 x 100 VESA mount.

The menu of the AOC Gaming Monitor can be operated via the buttons on its bottom. This is unfortunately a bit confusing, but with a bit of getting used to it it is easy to control. If you have had an AOC monitor before, you won’t have any problems with the menu, as they are all very similar. As with most monitors, all connections can be reached from below on the rear panel.

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