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Asus ROG Delta Review: Can the Modern Features Convince?

The “Republic of Gamers” series from ASUS comprises numerous products, some of which are very special, which are designed to meet the requirements of gaming. Not only technically, but also optically they differ sometimes clearly from other products of the manufacturer.

Nor does the gaming headset ‘ROG Delta’, which is clearly part of that product line, constitute an exception in that regard. In addition to the usual extravagances of the popular gaming series, the ROG Delta also offers a modern USB type C connector and other unusual technology.

We have tested the gaming headset and offer interested parties the following detailed overview – is the purchase of the headset worthwhile?

Design and Workmanship

The design of the ROG Delta is striking in the best sense. ASUS, as with the other products in the ROG series, attaches great importance to a high recognition value – the gaming headset should not be lost in the mass of hardly distinguishable competitive products. The optical uniqueness is achieved above all by the unusual shape of the ear cups, which remind of rounded triangles. With this design, ASUS creates a unique selling point that clearly distinguishes the headset from other gaming headsets that always look the same.

In addition, there are the almost obligatory RGB LEDs, which are located at the entire edge of the auricles. The manufacturer’s logo, which is placed relatively centrally, is also illuminated. The idea of LED lighting is by no means original, but is now expected in the gaming market, so the decision is anything but surprising. A positive aspect is that the luminosity of the LEDs is comparatively high and the lighting remains clearly visible even in daylight. The lighting can be switched off at any time with a switch on the left auricle.

All in all, ASUS once again strives to create a unique design, which we believe succeeds. Gamers are likely to be attracted by the design of the headset, which will enable ASUS to achieve its goal.

However, the device, which is largely made of hard plastic, is comparatively well processed. The entire construction appears robust. The wide headband is internally equipped with a metal rail, which also makes it very stable. The ear cups can be fitted with either textile or imitation leather cushions, which makes them look quite high-quality in any case and will certainly benefit the wearing comfort, which will be tested later.

On the left side there is a detachable microphone, which has a small status LED lamp at the tip. Also worth mentioning is the relatively high but still pleasant weight of 387 grams. Overall the workmanship is good – we don’t find any criticisms here.

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