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Asus ROG Delta Review: Can the Modern Features Convince?

Wearing Comfort

As already mentioned, you can choose from two references. In both cases, the auricles attach themselves to the ears of the wearer with pleasant pressure. ASUS apparently attaches great importance to making the headphones suitable for longer gaming sessions. In our test, the headphones sat comfortably at all times and did not cause any pain – even after several hours of wearing them. The contact pressure is quite balanced so that the headset is also suitable for spectacle wearers.

As with all other headsets, it gets quite warm under the ear cups after a while. Since this circumstance can hardly be avoided, it can hardly be applied as a real point of criticism. However, the thick padding and the fact that the ear pads can be changed at any time are positive features to be emphasized.

The headband, which connects the two ear cups, is adjustable, allowing the headset to be easily adapted to different head shapes of the wearer. The headset can be adjusted by 4 centimetres on each side. The screening is precise and crisp – inadvertent slipping is virtually impossible. The swivel joints, which can be rotated about 30 degrees forward and 90 degrees backward, are also helpful. In addition, the auricles can be tilted upwards or downwards by about 30 degrees. In the test it was not difficult to find a suitable setting for the ideal wearing comfort.

Overall, the headset sits very comfortably, so that there are hardly any criticisms to be found here either.

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