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Backforce One review: Can Interstuhl also convince with a gaming chair?

Seating comfort and ergonomics

The ergonomics of it in a gaming chair is of course the most important, much more important than the design or the materials used. And this is where Interstuhl is doing something right with its new brand Backforce.

Let’s start with the aforementioned armrests, which can be folded back. This feature is not yet available on any other gaming chair. For some, however, it will be a welcome feature, as you can sit cross-legged on the chair in a super comfortable way. However, Backforce saves on other parts of the armrests, they are only adjustable in height and therefore not 4D, like many other gaming chairs, but only 1D. The armrests are made of a soft plastic, which is comfortable for the elbows. Moreover, the armrests hardly wobble at all, which we like very much. For our taste, the armrests could have been adjusted 5 centimeters higher, though. For people with long upper bodies this is unfortunately not so suitable.

For the upholstery Backforce relies on a Dual Core seat, which is designed to offer maximum comfort. This is a multi-zone upholstery that uses different degrees of hardness. For example, the inner seat is soft and the outer part, which is covered with artificial leather, is hard. I would describe the upholstery of the gaming chair as medium hard, which makes it harder and more durable than all the cheap gaming chairs for under 200 euros, but softer than noblechairs, for example. The shape of the chair upholstery is already optimized for the back, so Backforce does without additional cushions. We didn’t miss the lumbar cushion compared to other gaming chairs, but we did miss the neck cushion.

One of the highlights of the chair is definitely the synchronous mechanism, as this is much more ergonomic than a classic rocker mechanism that many gaming chairs use. With the synchronous mechanism, the body moves more, as the seat hardly tilts when the backrest moves backwards. The more movement is good for the body. At the same time it also relieves the back. The strength of the synchro-mechanism can be adjusted on the underside by means of a turning wheel, so that, depending on body weight, there is sufficient counterpressure and the chair does not immediately tilt backwards. Of course, the backrest can also be fixed in any position.

Another positive feature we noticed was the gas pressure spring, which allows a comparatively low sitting position and thus also allows smaller gamers to use the chair – without having to replace it with a shorter gas pressure spring beforehand.

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