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Basic Tutorials Guide: How to Find the Perfect Gaming Mouse!

The ergonomics for gaming

Ergonomics not only plays an important role for “health”, but of course also for handling and mouse feel. It determines how quickly, precisely and safely it can be moved by hand. If you move it rather with your hand lying flat on it, does your thumb steer against it firmly or do you push the mouse more with the ball of your hand? Precision is especially important for shooters, the mouse is the weapon of the gamers, so it depends on the subtleties. What suits you better personally is best to try out. A new type of grip usually requires a longer adaptation period, but can also prove to be better.

If you decide on a grip type, should you consider how much DPI you usually use, are you a fine tuner or a gross motorist? Is it possible to move the mouse equally well in all directions or to move it downwards or to one side less well? The best thing to do is to get your hands on something in the shop. If you want to see with which settings and which mice the pros play, you can take a look at this popular list for CS:GO.

The models on the market differ in size and shape, as can be seen in the following overview. What do you prefer?

Mice with error-free sensor, source: H1ghlander

The weight of the mouse

Lighter mice can be moved faster than heavier ones. Heavy mice can be guided more quietly than lighter ones. It is ultimately a question of the player’s personal preferences. Heavier mice put a lot of strain on the wrist. The mouse should be large enough to be used comfortably. In addition, the weight should be distributed fairly evenly. When selecting the mouse, the comfort offered by the device should be taken into account. If you play with little DPI, you have to lift the mouse more often, the mice should then be as light as possible.

Also available on the market are mice with additional weights that can be inserted into the mouse. Such mice offer maximum flexibility because the weight can be adjusted.

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