Basic Tutorials Guide: PCs Perfectly Set in Scene with RGB Lighting

Power supplies

Power-hungry hardware and the associated large number of fans require a potent power supply. In most cases, this is more of a shadowy existence in the dark upper or lower corner of the case. The number of exceptions is small, but there are power supplies with integrated RGB lighting.

ASUS ROG Thor Gaming-Netzteil mit RGB-Beleuchtung
ASUS ROG Thor Gaming-Netzteil mit RGB-Beleuchtung

A fully modular design ensures clean cabling, so that only the cables that are actually required are connected to the power supply unit. Manufacturers such as Thermaltake offer models with illuminated fans as well as models with RGB interfaces. The Nonplusultra, FSP Fortron sells a power supply with illuminated water cooling connection and RGB fan.


What would a system of RGB components be without the matching housing – without a viewing window with a view into the interior, the entire installation would be null and void. housings with windows (or even more) existed before the RGB era. At that time, neon or UV tubes were still glued in, rather semiprofessionally, which provided one or the other eye-catcher at LAN parties, but the terms “cable management” or “aesthetics” were mostly foreign to the consumer sector. Mesh fronts with their grid structure provide better air supply and also offer the advantage that fans mounted behind them are more effective. There are also so called Benchtables without any outer casing, which gives a great view of all effects. However, this variant offers virtually no protection against external influences and is also inferior to the closed enclosures in terms of cooling technology due to the lack of air flow.

Meanwhile, a large number of housings offer various options in terms of cable routing and management. These can often be hidden completely underneath the main board, in a shaft between the main board carriage and the outer wall. But there is also another way to put the cabling in a better light: With lighting that can either be installed by yourself or with housing models that are already assembled with RGB LEDs, such as the Enthoo Evolv X or Eclipse P350X by Phanteks.

Cables and adapters

If cable connections are to be used as a design element and eye-catcher, the use of RGB illuminated cables is recommended. In most cases, these are coated in white to conceal the actual cable colour and thus guarantee maximum colour fastness. Uniform lighting is made possible by the use of glass fibres located directly under the individual wires. Lian Li for example provides addressable 8- or 24-Pin-ATX- extension cable, which can either be controlled by your own controller or connected to a compatible motherboard via 3-Pin cable. SATA- or cable for power supply with Molex plug (as for example for older optical drives) is not available.

Lian Li Strimer RGB Connection Cable
Lian Li Strimer RGB Connection Cable

Numerous modding projects have already proven that cables can be much more than just power transmitters. Clean cable routing can be a real eye-catcher even without lighting. Most of them cable are already equipped with a nylon fabric braided , are tangle-proof and of high optical quality. If these are now shaped with cable ties or shrink tubing, an aesthetic work of art can be created. The same applies to custom-made pipes for water cooling – these can also be perfectly trimmed and bent to enhance the appearance of the entire construction.

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