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Basic Tutorials Guide: PCs Perfectly Set in Scene with RGB Lighting


The range of accessories and gimmicks is already diverse and continues to grow steadily. For example, ASUS has a Mini-Projector (ROG Spotlight) in its assortment that projects the “ROG”-Logo (Republic of Gamers) on suitable surfaces and can be fully synchronized with the software ASUS Aura Sync.

ASUS Rog Spotlight
ASUS Rog Spotlight

For the operation of two graphics cards in the SLI or Crossfire network, manufacturers offer a series of illuminated bridges (to which the individual cards are connected). Here the height should be considered in any case, since, depending on the motherboard, either 60 mm or 80 mm are between the two interfaces on the graphics cards. ASUS offers with its ROG NVLink Bridge a possibility to use the GeForce 2080 series without having to do without the necessary lighting.

Gamdias Achilles M1-L
Gamdias Achilles M1-L

But even apart from the PC, some products provide an eye-catcher – for example with a RGB comfort chair from Gamdias. This can be connected to the PC via a USB cable. The included software makes it possible to set various effects for the illuminated backrest – but only with a limited number of colors and battery life – as a power source serves a USB connection, to which one connects a Powerbank.


High-end hardware often requires a lot of energy, which is dissipated in the form of waste heat. This must be removed from the PC case. fans or fans provide the necessary airflow.

Raijintek IRIS 14 Rainbow RGB LED Fan
Raijintek IRIS 14 Rainbow RGB LED Fan

Black frames with equally black rotor blades were the measure of things for a long time. But the fans were the first hardware components available with integrated lighting. In the beginning they were all monochrome and without software control. Some could be switched off and on, if at all, by a simple pressure switch. However, these models were soon replaced by RGB variants, which could be controlled both in colour and intensity by software. Here it is necessary to weigh up. A model with a thick LED ring shines brighter and scores with its optics, but fans with external lighting offer larger rotor blades and higher air throughput. If, for example, several are installed in the front of the PC, the difference is rather marginal.

If non-RGB-capable fans are already in operation, they can be retrofitted with special frames. Phanteks calls this construction “Halos” and offers them in different sizes compatible with common software controls. A diffusor scatters the light and provides soft gradients.

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