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BitFenix Aurora: Black Midi Tower with Double-Sided Tempered Glass Reviewed

BitFenix has made a name for itself in recent years with PC cases in the lower and middle price ranges. If you want to assemble your own PC, you can’t avoid a case like the one offered by BitFenix. Glass window enclosures are becoming more and more fashionable as they allow a glimpse of the RGB-lit hardware, which regularly brings a smile to the face of PC enthusiasts. BitFenix also made a logical attempt to install a real glass window in a midi tower. With the BitFenix Aurora in black such a device shall now be tested. More information can be found below.


After unpacking the case, it presents itself at first as well processed. The soft-touch surface is less soft than the name suggests. However, this circumstance is due to the fact that she has to endure a lot in everyday life. After all, it should not be scratched or otherwise damaged during cleaning with a conventional cloth. The glass parts that distinguish the BitFenix Aurora reflect quite strongly. But what is immediately noticeable is that they are very well processed. A risk of injury, which could well exist with uncleanly processed glass, is by no means to be feared. All edges are precisely ground. By the delivery in a cardboard box very well protected against shocks are also damages by the transport hardly possible.

Nevertheless, the glass parts are very susceptible to fingerprints. However, since this is a normal property of glass, it cannot be negatively attributed to the BitFenix Aurora or attributed to workmanship.

All in all, the case is well finished. Both the plastic elements found in the front and lid and the otherwise dominant steel show a certain thinness. Compared to other cases, the BitFenix Aurora doesn’t look unstable, but it looks very thin. Especially in the case of plastic elements, the lack of thickness is to be seen as a point of criticism.

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