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BitFenix Aurora: Black Midi Tower with Double-Sided Tempered Glass Reviewed


The front panel features two USB 2.0 and just as many USB 3.0 ports, an HD audio input, an HD audio output, a reset button and an on/off button. So far the standard equipment of a Midi Tower is covered. Additionally there is a button to control the lighting. On the rear side, there are also apertures for up to seven PCI expansion cards, two outlets for external water cooling and in the lower area, the slot for the power supply unit. The possibility of installing an external water cooling system is of course positive.

The hardened glass windows are mounted on both the left and right sides. While on the left side they allow views into the interior despite a certain tint, on the right side they are opaque. Insights into the cabling of the hardware are thus spared.

Four quite large round feet ensure a safe stand. A glance inside the tower reveals the presence of rubberized cable ducts, which is a major plus point. However, a power supply cover is missing, which can be blamed negatively. A 5.25-inch slide-in unit is also not available. However, this is less and less required in modern gaming PCs anyway. USB and fast Internet make it possible.

There are 3.5-inch cages both at the top and bottom of the front, which can be easily removed if required. A 2.5-inch SSD mount with RGB lighting is also provided. This can be connected to the mainboard as well as controlled with the controller built into the housing and the lighting button in the I/O panel.

Dust filters and air inlets are absolute points of criticism. Dust filters are available, but quite coarse meshed. The same criticism applies to the air intakes. The openings allow good air circulation, but do not provide efficient dust protection. This could be changed very easily by using more closely meshed filters.

Above the power supply is a single 120mm fan, which cannot be replaced by a larger model. After all, two 140 mm fans each can be installed in the front and lid. Mainboards can be installed up to the form factor E-ATX.

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