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BitFenix Aurora: Black Midi Tower with Double-Sided Tempered Glass Reviewed


In contrast to the interior, the design is to be emphasized positively. It is simple, but is broken in the front by rounding off the plastic main element. Thus, the Midi Tower looks quite appealing overall. Of course, the hardened glass windows are particularly positive. They enhance the design of the BitFenix Aurora enormously. The presence of both sides is also a clear plus point despite – or even through – the tinting of the right side.

In terms of design, the BitFenix Aurora in black is one of the most convincing enclosures available. The view into the interior of the case is unique thanks to the full-sided glazing.

Cooling and Clearance

In comparison with similar devices, it is noticeable that only one 120 mm fan is pre-installed above the power supply unit. In addition, it cannot be replaced by a larger model. As already mentioned, 140 mm fans can be installed in the front and in the cover.

The test shows a rather ambivalent picture. Although the cooling is good, the ventilation is rather less. This results in temperatures that are higher than they should be. However, this can be easily changed by adding additional fans.

A positive feature is the possibility of installing a water cooling system. This makes it possible to build a much tidier system, which also benefits the view through the glass side panel.

The clearance of the BitFenix Aurora is on a good level. Only when installing the radiator at the top had it got a little tight. I would also have liked to have a small slot for the front audio connection between the power supply and the mainboard. Almost all motherboard manufacturers obstruct this connection there.

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