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Blue Microphones Yeticaster: USB Microphone including Microphone Arm In Review

The streaming equipment is becoming more and more professional. Just a few years ago even well-known YouTuber recorded videos with classic recording devices – video and audio tracks from smartphones were not uncommon either. Today, however, even amateurs use highly professional technology to produce sophisticated content. It is therefore not surprising that the market for home recorders continues to grow.

In addition to table microphones, which are now quite widespread, devices attached to microphone arms are also becoming increasingly popular – after all, they are extremely practical in semi-professional use. Blue, with its numerous microphones, plays an important role in this constantly growing market, so it is not surprising that this well-known manufacturer also sells a microphone with a microphone arm.

We have subjected the “Yeticaster”, which acts as a kind of starter set for the semi-professional streaming and broadcasting sector, to an extensive practical test. After all, not every praised product delivers what it promises. The following test report reveals how the microphone with the arm performed in the practical test.

Design and Workmanship

Now a microphone usually doesn’t have to meet any aesthetic requirements – nevertheless, we thought it would make sense to evaluate the visual appearance of the product as well. In doing so, we have taken into account the fact that Blue itself seems to have attached great importance to this aspect of the device.

Blue Yeti
Blue Yeti

The evaluation of the design is thus already anticipated in large parts: The manufacturer has endeavoured to be able to present a product that is also visually appealing. In our opinion, this has been successful. In matt black, the microphone and arm present themselves classically and convincingly. In addition, there is a shielding mount that also fits well with the other two components of the setup.

However, the workmanship of the microphone appears to be much more important. Here, too, we cannot find any points of criticism. In our opinion, the classic, elegant appearance of the microphone is far more than a distraction. The impression created by this design is also consistently continued in the workmanship. The microphone is robust enough to withstand daily use for long periods without damage. Also the arm of the microphone seems to be extremely stable and perfectly finished.

The total weight of slightly more than 2.2 kilograms also testifies to the robust design of the device. The swivel arm is heavy without being too heavy. It can be adjusted without any problem and never causes unpleasant surprises.

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