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Bose QuietComfort 35 – Upper Class Headphones Reviewed

Noice Cancelling

The Acoustic-Noice-Cancelling (ANC) allows a deeper immersion into the music – therefore also a “better music listening”. The microphones outside create a counter-sound. Without music it almost seems as if you are in negative pressure. After a short period of getting used to it, you don’t take it as negative anymore. Due to this and the filtering one is less distracted and has it calmer. The noise reduction works very well with the Bose QuietComfort 35 and is one of the biggest arguments for the model. Except for high-frequency noises, the ambient acoustics are filtered out with superior ease. The nocturnally drunk train drivers had to make a real effort recently to be heard with their pop songs. Bose sees himself as the inventor and leader of noise cancelling. It’s also really good and reduces stress, but of course you don’t go deaf as soon as you have the headphone on your head.

Unfortunately the function cannot be switched off. This is a pity, because in quieter sections noise creeps into the ears, which could be avoided if necessary.


The microphone is integrated into the ear cups and designed for comfortable phone calls. The quality and especially the noise suppression are outstanding. Although I didn’t speak directly into a microphone during the tests, I was easy to understand. Subway noise and television even remained silent for my conversation partner. You can speak freely at normal volume with both hands free, that’s cool. Noice cancelling is therefore also an innovation for the microphone.  One flaw caused by the ANC, however, is that even when speaking you unfortunately hear yourself worse or distorted, so the conversations seem somewhat unnatural.

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