CES: Bluetooth headphones from Jabra survive dive

Jabra presents at this year’s CES among other things the new Bluetooth headphones Elite 75t Active. It is worth noting that the headphones are waterproof to a certain extent and can withstand shorter dives in water less than one meter deep.

Jabra ties optically and technically to the standard model Elite 75t. The Active version differs from this standard model mainly by its robustness. Unlike their predecessors, the new headphones offer certification to protection class IP57. They are therefore largely dustproof and also waterproof when submerged for no longer than 30 minutes and the immersion depth remains below one meter. The headphones, which are primarily designed for use in sports, should therefore provide users with even greater safety than before. Even massive sweating or short rain showers while jogging should not be a problem for them.

In addition to the Bluetooth headphones, buyers will receive a charging case in which the handsets can be fixed, stored and charged. Once fully charged, the headphones can be used for 7.5 hours. The charging case, however, gives just under three full charges before it has to be charged itself.

Compared to the previous model, the Elite 75t Active are significantly smaller – the size has been reduced by twenty percent. This means that even people with particularly small ears should be able to wear the headphones without any problems.

Bluetooth 5.0 is supported, and the listeners also want to score points with automatic ear recognition – if the headphones are pulled out of the ear, the music playback pauses automatically. However, this function can be switched off if it is not desired. The headphones also have four built-in microphones that are designed to detect and then filter out loud ambient noise. In this way, music enjoyment and telephoning should also be possible without disturbance in public transport or on windy roads. Jabra also promises a personalized listening experience, but this will only be possible with a pending software update, which is planned for this summer.

The market launch is already planned for February. From then on, the new headphones will be available in the colour Navy for 200 euros. A grey version is to follow in March, while the market launch of the colour versions Sienna and Mint is planned for April.

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