CES: MSI Creator 400 – a chassis for creative professionals?

At this year’s CES in Las Vegas, MSI presented, among other things, the new workstation housing Creator 400, which is explicitly aimed at creative professionals and is tailored to the needs of this special target group.

The housing is well-proportioned and has a discreet grey colour. The removable side panel is made of laminated safety glass 5.38 mm thick and allows a view of the interior. The other outside as well as the front and lid are covered with a high-density fabric, which is intended to ensure that the noise level of the system outside the case remains as low as possible.

The aerodynamic design of the front, which is largely made of aluminium, is also striking. A total of three fans, each 140 millimetres in size, are embedded in the front and rear, which – also due to the front design – ensure optimum air flow inside the housing. In this way, the installed hardware can be ideally cooled.

Mainboards up to the E-ATX form factor and water cooling systems with radiators, which can be up to 360 millimetres in size, can be installed. All in all, the case is intended to offer space for high-quality hardware and to have as little limiting effect as possible. In addition to creative people, gamers should also benefit from the space offered by the case, as they too are dependent on powerful processors, large graphics cards and generally rather extensive and space-consuming systems if they want to pursue their hobby in an appropriate manner.

When and at what price the case will be available is not yet known.

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