Coronavirus: Now also WHO starts own app

Whether infected or not – there is currently no getting around the coronavirus. Each individual has questions about questions that even experts, as of now, cannot answer in detail. But since the virus has been around for several months, there is already knowledge that can be shared with the population. With the help of a new corona app from the World Health Organisation (WHO), even lay people can now obtain information and warnings about the dangerous corona virus.

The fight against fake news

Unfortunately, the fight against the coronavirus also turns out to be a fight against misinformation. After all, the subject area is just what conspiracy theorists are looking for. Various fake news spread almost as fast as the virus itself. The new app from the WHO is designed to prevent this fake news. With the help of targeted warnings, users should receive notifications they can rely on. After all, the information from the WHO comes directly from first hand.

On March 30th it starts

The WHO app will be called “WHO MyHealth”. Interested users can download the app from the AppStore on 30 March. First and foremost, the World Health Organization will provide tips and tricks on the topics of infection and protection against it. In addition, the app offers a notification option. The WHO MyHealth also issues warnings. These are sent to the user via push notification. In practice, for example, a message is sent when a user is in a “corona hotspot”.

Do I have Covid-19?

Infection with the coronavirus results in a disease called Covid-19, and to be sure, you need to get tested by a throat swab or nasal swab. However, not every citizen is currently tested for the disease. First of all, conditions such as symptoms and contact with a person who has tested positive must be present. But what are the symptoms of the disease in detail? The WHO’s new app should also be able to help here. Here the experts compile typical information about Covid-19.

Protection of other persons

The app is also to be equipped with a roadmap, which is to offer practical functions. Among other things, this map will allow users who have tested positive for the disease to be tracked. However, those affected need not fear being tracked without being asked. On the contrary, any person who has tested positive can voluntarily submit their mobile phone and location data to the WHO. In this way, hotspots can be practically avoided, not only by citizens. In addition, the World Health Organization can track how the coronavirus spreads.

Fruitful cooperation

Surprisingly, the idea for the WHO’s in-house app most likely did not come from within the organization. It is rather a team of volunteers who approached the WHO. The so-called WHO Covid App Collective has set itself the goal of developing the new app. This includes developers who previously worked at Google and Microsoft. In addition to technical experts, the development team also includes WHO consultants and health experts.

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