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Corsair Glaive RGB Pro Gaming Mouse Review

Technique and Practice

The heart of the mouse is the Pixart sensor “PMW 3391”, which can achieve a maximum resolution of 18,000 DPI. The maximum acceleration is 50 G, the sampling rate is 1,000 Hz. It all sounds wonderful in theory. But what does it mean in practice? Whether the mouse is any good is not decided on paper after all.

That’s why we tested the mouse in practice, of course. The good impression made by the technical data was confirmed here. The mouse was very easy to use. The control was very precise. The Glaive RGB Pro could really triumph at fast games that require many precise clicks. Here she stood out from other gaming mice and skillfully played out her strengths. If you like to play fast shooters or other action-packed games, the device we tested is the best choice for you.

The pressure point of the keys is clearly defined, which makes operation easier. Fortunately, the thumb buttons on the left side were easy to reach in the test – which is unfortunately not a matter of course for many gaming mice. We particularly liked the exchangeable thumb parts: While the standard thumb part is smooth and flat, the two alternatives are curved and have studs or studs only. So the mouse can be adapted at least partially to the own needs. Since the thumb parts are fastened with the help of a magnet, they can be removed and fastened very easily, but are sufficiently tight.

All in all, the gaming mouse knows how to convince in its profession – passionate gamers should be happy with it.


The associated software, which can be used to make various adjustments, is of course available free of charge. It can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. The software should be known to people who have already used Corsair products. It is clear and allows quick access to the essential points. Both the illumination options and the DPI values can be set here. A total of five DPI levels can be defined, whereby the setting is possible in 1 DPI steps. Corsair thus gives the user very far-reaching possibilities to influence the resolution of the sensor. It is also possible to define a sniper key. Macro settings and profile definitions can also be made without any problems.

Overall we are very satisfied with the software.

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