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Corsair HS35 Stereo Gaming Headset Review

Wearing Comfort

Without the right wearing comfort, longer gaming sessions can become a real problem. A slight pressure is enough to make playing impossible for a long time. At the same time, the pressure must be high enough to prevent the headset from slipping. Here Corsair has found a good middle ground. The headset has a fairly high contact pressure, but the pads do their job. In addition, the auricles of the HS35 are covered with fabric. This keeps the ear dry and sweat-free even during long gaming sessions.

HS35 Stereo


The sound of Corsair’s HS35 stereo gaming headset must please you right from the start. Corsair does not provide its own software that could be used to make settings. However, since you usually don’t have a good sound card as a beginner, the sound must be convincing. Even the first few tones clearly show that the HS35 Stereo has anything but a balanced sound. The highs are not clear and the bass is much too powerful in comparison. Not a good start in itself. However, when you consider that gaming is the main purpose, this feature is not tragic. Actually, something even requested. Steps and shots are usually dull noises, which should be heard more easily with the bass amplification. However, communication with the other players becomes problematic. Here you have to increase the volume a little so that you don’t miss anything.

HS35 Stereo


The microphone of the HS35 is a unidirectional microphone. Accordingly, it should only pick up noises in the positioned direction. That works out pretty well so far. Noise from the keyboard, for example, is very quiet and can be completely filtered out by adjusting the level. The speech quality itself is very good and you can hear well in every situation. Only when the noise is too loud does the microphone overdrive. But you can also convince yourself of the speech quality in this video.

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