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Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Not so long ago Corsair presented the gaming mouse Ironclaw RGB. Now also the wireless version of this mouse appeared. Since it differs from its predecessor not only by the missing cable, but also by additional keys and thus quite considerably, we decided to subject the wireless version of the mouse to a detailed test as well.

This test report will tell you what the device can do and whether we think it is worth buying it.

Scope of Delivery

The packaging is available in yellow and black. It features several images of the mouse it contains, so there are no surprises when unpacking. Overall, the design of the packaging is quite typical for Corsair. Moreover, the package is marked with the words “Win without wires” – a clear declaration of war against other gaming mice, as the own device should help to win wirelessly.

However, we were less interested in the packaging than in the contents – as probably the vast majority of people who bought the device were. Inside a yellow shell next to the mouse is a USB A-to-micro USB cable that can be used to charge the mouse. In addition, the dongle for reception, a USB adapter and several notes are included. The software must be downloaded from the website.

Design and Workmanship

The asymmetry of the mouse is already noticeable at first glance. It’s clearly made for right-handed people. Who prefers the left hand, should refrain urgently from a purchase of this mouse, since it is simply not operable with the left hand. On the left side there are five quite large keys. While the two front keys are used to switch the DPI levels, the two rear keys serve as back and forth keys. Between these four buttons is a slightly raised fifth, which is intended as a sniper button – holding it down activates a pre-defined DPI value.

Under the keys and on the right side of the mouse there is a corrugation, which gives the hand support. Thus the mouse does not slip away even in the heat of battle, which is to be evaluated positively. In addition, the ribbing also sets design accents.

A grey aluminium frame can be found at the front on the left-hand side, which is primarily to be understood as a design element. In addition, it also makes the mouse more durable and robust. Overall, in our opinion, it upgrades them strongly. Corsair has made a very good decision here.

The Corsair logo is on the back of the top. At the front there are two buttons beside the mouse wheel, which can be used for profile selection. The manufacturer logo can be illuminated individually. The corresponding settings can be made in the software, which we will look at later.

All in all, the mouse’s edge-asymmetrical design, which brings the many keys to the fore, looks very harmonious. Added to this is perfect processing. We are very satisfied with appearance, choice of material and material processing.

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