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Corsair K57 RGB Wireless Review: Wireless Keyboard with Rubberdomes


The K57 RGB Wireless is in many respects a specialty. A wireless keyboard with RGB lighting is as rare as a Corsair model without mechanical keys. With this combination, the K57 is unique in some respects and also the cheapest wireless keyboard currently available with the corresponding features.

The purchase recommendation for the K57 RGB Wireless also depends exactly on this special tuning: Does one have a purpose for a keyboard that manages without a cable, but is above average in size and offers correspondingly many additional keys? If so, this model is a good choice. The built-in rubber domes offer a very pleasant pressure point, the battery life is praiseworthy and the software is extensive as usual.

However, we would have wished for a little more stability for the case and the inclusion of profiles, but in view of the moderate selling price in combination with the special tuning of the device, it is possible to overlook this. All in all, it’s easy to say: If you like the basic concept of the K57 RGB Wireless, you definitely don’t make a mistake with the purchase.

Corsair K57 RGB Wireless

Value for Money

Those who like the concept will also like the K57.

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