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Corsair Void Pro RGB USB Review – Does the New Version Make It?

Corsair presented its new headset of the “Void” series in time for gamescom 2017. We tested the Void Pro RGB USB for you and put it to the test. You can find our opinion about the headset in the text.


The workmanship of the Void Pro looks really high-quality at first glance. Especially the solid metal handle provides quality. The inside of the hanger is covered with a synthetic fibre, which feels very high quality. The auricles are attached to the temple with a plastic joint. The auricles have also been fitted with soft synthetic fibre padding. The microphone is mounted on the left side of the headset and can be folded up if necessary. When folded up, the microphone holds well and does not fall down on its own.

The housing of the ear cups is also very nice. By using matt and glossy surfaces, they make a high-quality impression. On the left auricle, where the microphone is placed, there are also the controls like the volume control and the button to mute the microphone. The Corsair logo is also located on both ear cups and can be illuminated with up to 16.8 million different colours.

Except for the button to mute the microphone, everything feels very well crafted. The gap dimensions are very good, there are no protruding parts. Especially the connectors on the auricles please. The headset adapts perfectly to the shape of the head.

The headset is connected via USB. A sound card is thus directly integrated and no additional ones have to be used. In order to take full advantage of all functions and the virtual 7.1 sound, it is still necessary to download the software from the manufacturer’s site. You can read about the other functions later.

In contrast to its predecessor without the addition “Pro”, the headset gets new speakers. Due to the closed housing, external noise is very well dampened. Nothing can be heard from the outside, even at higher volume levels. As headphones you could use the headset, but who would like to walk around with a microphone on the headphones? To deliver a high-quality sound experience, neodymium magnets with a diameter of 50 millimeters are used. The frequency range covers 20 Hz to 20 kHz and thus all frequencies of human hearing.

The headset fits perfectly thanks to the padding on the earpiece and the generous ear cups. Due to the grid for adjusting the size, it is suitable for every head type, even spectacle wearers will not miss out due to the pleasant contact pressure. After a long gaming session there is no pain in the ears and the textiles of the auricles provide fresh air to avoid sweaty ears.

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