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Corsair Void Pro RGB USB Review – Does the New Version Make It?


To customize the headset, there is the Corsair Utility Engine. In addition to illuminating the Corsair logos on the two ear cups, the equalizer can also be used to individualize the sound, but all at the right time.

The software displays all connected Corsair products. Practical, because you only need one software and not many different ones. If the various products are illuminated, they can be easily synchronised at the touch of a button.

When you call up the Corsair Void Pro, you can adjust the input and output levels in the centre of the main view. The surround sound can be switched on via the large button below. The remaining settings are divided into “Lighting Effects” and “EQ Preferences”. Five different presets can be selected in the equalizer area, but they can still be individually adjusted. Another class is that a program can be assigned to a specific profile.

The lighting effects complete the picture. The RGB colours can be selected via a colour wheel, for connoisseurs the colour values can also be entered manually. If a simple, static lighting is too dull for you, you can still choose different effects.

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