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Cougar Panzer EVO RGB Review: Big Tower with a Lot of Glass

System Structure in Cougar Panzer EVO RGB

There is always plenty of space in a big tower, including the Panzer EVO RGB, of course. For example, we are absolutely not limited when buying the graphics card, as it can be up to 440 mm long. A horizontal mounting is unfortunately not possible, there is no slot available.

The CPU cooler can be up to 185 mm high, so real monster coolers can be used. Power supply units with a length of up to 300 mm can also be installed without any problems. So it only remains to mention that there is really a free hand when buying the hardware. The same applies to radiators for water cooling. Open your eyes when buying hardware and any radiator will fit into the case.

There are enough openings to lay the cables without any problems. For the cable routing we would have wished for holders with Velcro or clip fasteners at this price. The complete hardware must first be installed and connected so that we don’t have to use countless cable ties. Also the exchange of hardware or the rebuilding in the case needs more time by opening the cable ties. Here cable ties could have been delivered, which can also be opened again.

Large hands in this large case are no obstacle, just like large hardware. Elaborately designed configurations with many fans or water cooling always find their place. Especially the RGB-illumination is a big advantage! The existing fans are connected to the supplied controller and can even be controlled via various solutions from other manufacturers, such as the Asus solution.

In the test system is a Ryzen 5 1400 and a Gigabyte GTX 1060 with 6GB from Aorus. The MSI B360 PC Mate Motherboard has 16 GB RAM from Ballistix plugged in.

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