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Cougar Turret Review: Cheap Is Not Always Good!

Cougar has a Turret case in its portfolio that combines small dimensions with plenty of space. A midi tower with ATX support, large tempered glass side panel and transparent front paired with two red vortex fans can be built by the Taiwanese manufacturer. How’s the case doing? Read it on our test.


The square shape and a prominent front distinguish the design of the Turret. With the help of the “Gaming Vent System” for better airflow, the front is loosened up and gives a slightly more aggressive look. Even more variety is provided by the two red vortex fans mounted directly behind the plastic front. The Cougar logo is also placed on the plastic. The two pre-installed LED fans with a size of 120 mm light up exclusively in red. For enthusiasts who adapt their LED colors to the entire setup, this could be a knockout criterion.

The large glass side provides a view of the hardware. In order to lean a little on the otherwise black case, the pane is slightly tinted. For LED lovers, there is still enough unobstructed view of the components. Steel is used as the material for the frame. This makes the housing somewhat heavy in combination with the disc, but the weight is still limited.

In addition to the pre-installed fans, four more can be installed. An additional one can be mounted in the front and the back, two fans are possible in the cover. If you are more into water cooling, you can install up to three radiators. On the front side it can even be up to 360 mm in size.

The hardware area is separated from the area for the power supply unit and the data carriers. The separation is adorned with the Cougar logo and lettering. There’s room on the divider for two 2.5-inch media. Radiators with up to 360 mm find their place in the front area, because there the separation is open for better air circulation.

The I/O panel is mounted at the top of the front. It fits perfectly to the front due to the flat surface. The Cougar Turret comes standard with a headphone and microphone connector. Two USB 3.0 slots are included as well as one USB 2.0 slot. Without question, the power and reset buttons are also on the I/O panel.

On the upper side there is, who would have thought it, a magnetic dust filter. The hardware is protected from dust and the filter can be easily removed for cleaning. The dust filters are now a welcome feature in almost every case.

Seven expansion slots can be found on the back, with midi towers a normal number. Another pre-installed fan would be desirable. Unfortunately, we only find one empty 120 mm slot there. The housing is suitable for standard size ATX power supplies.

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