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Creative SFXI Air Review

Sound Quality

To judge the sound quality, several pieces from different genres were listened to on Spotify at the highest quality (320 kb/s). We also tested the headset in movies and games from different devices.

The X-Fi mode was repeatedly switched on and off during testing. Without the X-Fi mode, the SFXI Air sounds inconspicuous. Due to its closed design, the stage has a limited playback effect. The SFXI does not have the bass that is normally present for this type of construction. All in all, the sound is neutral and somewhat blurred.

In X-Fi mode, the sound changes completely. It is comparable to virtual surround sound. It sounds like the music is being played live from a stage in front of you. The listener is simulated as if the sound no longer comes from the headphones. Depending on the piece, the bass is much more present, but also quite imprecise. Depending on the playback, it’s fun to switch to X-Fi mode. And that’s probably also the headset’s biggest weakness: While the mode is a good choice in the first music genre, it doesn’t work in the next one. The holographic sound experience promised by Creative is kept, but it’s not magical.


The sister model SFXI Air C has a ClearComms microphone, which can be fixed to the desired position by a gooseneck. In the SFXI Air tested here, Creative gives the headset the so-called NanoBoom microphone. This is positioned directly on the left earpiece.


In the test, the NanoBoom microphone worked without any problems, but the quality is average. All in all, the recording looks dull and somewhat bass-heavy.

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