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Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey – Preview of The Hunt For Jack the Ripper

London, Whitechapel, 1888 – a series of cruel murders shook the city. In the point-and-click adventure Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey by Salix Games, three heroes set out on the trail of one of the most notorious serial killers in history. We were allowed to play the first chapters and don’t want to withhold our impressions from you. Note: We have tested a pre-release version. This is an unfinished version of the game, so we will not give you a final rating here.

The story begins in cold and beautiful Norway

The adventure begins in Norway. The immortal knight Sir Lancelot Du Lac and the cursed sorceress Morgana Le Fey fight demons that threaten humans.  When Du Lac has a vision after an encounter with one of these monsters, the unequal duo travels to London. Arriving in the city, they soon learn of cruel murders that keep the population in suspense and meet Mary Jane Kelly, who is also looking for the murderer.

Personalities known from legends and history

The three protagonists are made up of mythical figures and historical personalities. Du Lac was once an honorable knight who defended the kingdom and its king with all his might. Meanwhile he travels with Fey through the country and kills demons and monsters. He keeps his knightly virtues, so he always appears polite and is always ready to help someone in need. Fey is the king’s sister and was once a powerful sorceress until a curse forced her to take the form of a dog. At Du Lac’s side, she fights monsters that threaten the innocent and searches for the person responsible for the curse.

Sir Lancelot Du Lac and Lady Morgana Le Fey

Mary Jane Kelly, a young woman with a special gift, works as a day labourer and prostitute in London. She is horrified by the terrible murders and determined to stop the perpetrator before more suffering happens.

Mary Jane Kelly
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