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Days Gone Review: Exclusive Title with Weaknesses

Plays simply

The controls in Days Gone are more than simple. Interactions are only triggered by a single keystroke and even Quick-Time events can be confirmed with a single keystroke. Crafting objects is just as easy. Via L1 you can access the production menu and with R1 you can produce the desired item when you have all the materials together.

Days Gone is played from the third person’s point of view, so you always look over the protagonist’s shoulder. To eliminate your enemies, members of an enemy gang or freak, you have all sorts of possibilities. You have a considerable arsenal of weapons at your side, consisting of secondary, primary and special weapons. You didn’t want to attract too much attention? If you sneak up on an opponent from behind, you can quietly turn him off.

It gets nerve-wracking as soon as you fight a horde. Not reluctantly they consist of more than 100 freaks and they all attack you at the same time. Most of the time you don’t have enough ammo with you to just shoot them down. If you see a horde and want to get it out of the world, then you should look at the environment and use it to your advantage. Even with so many opponents on one pile, the game still runs smoothly.

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