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Days Gone Review: Exclusive Title with Weaknesses

What do you do in Days Gone?

Right at the beginning it is made clear what Deacon is all about. We won’t tell you too much, of course, except that the main story is about 30 hours of employment, depending on how detailed you complete the missions.

You’ll have a lot of fun with the missions at the beginning. Otherwise you will get tired of them quickly, because they are often the same. Drive to a certain place and wipe out a camp there or just investigate something. We are not offered much variety. But there is enough to make you want more in between.

In order to increase your reputation and buy better equipment, you can do some secondary activities. Besides hunting for freakers (and collecting freaker trophies) you can also go hunting for animals to get meat. Hunting also involves reading clues to find the animals when you have wounded them. If that’s too boring for you, you can pick mushrooms.

Through the cutscenes the story is told even more realistically and we feel connected with Deacon and his comrade Boozer. This is even more effective, since game graphics and nothing extra pretty is used. If you want you can also change the voice output and show subtitles, but the German dubbing is very well done.

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