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Days Gone Review: Exclusive Title with Weaknesses

Despite exclusivity, it works better

It is an exclusive title, thus developed exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Considering the relatively long development period, one could speculate that a flawless game will come onto the market. Days Gone also convinces in gameplay and graphics, but there are a few shortcomings.

Apart from testing on the PlayStation 4 (not Pro), we were already prepared for jerkers and longer loading times. The loading time when starting the game was really a bit longer. But there were only a few jerkers when we drove into a new area. Logically, the graphics must be reloaded, then the game jerks a little.

Clipping errors are more disturbing. So we fell through the ground more than once and died or couldn’t climb over a wall and were mauled by the freaks. If you sit down on the bike and push forward, the bikes will move even though the bike is not moving at all.

The AI could have been made a bit smarter by the developer. Especially the “human” opponents are not the smartest. They quickly forget the position you’re in. Or they need so much time to aim, that you can just run towards them to bludgeon them down.

For missions in a limited area in the open game world, the mission area is very quickly exhausted. If there are too many steps outside, the whole progress will be reset. A certain freedom of action would have to be assumed, especially in an “Open World”.

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