Era ITX by Fractal Design: In cooperation with Intel a new case is created

Small footprint. Big impact. – These two sets should be able to summarize the latest housing from Fractal Design. The case expert presented his latest movement, the Era ITX, a few days ago in Sweden. In addition to the small form factor, a number of innovative features should also make it unique. Furthermore Fractal Design emphasizes the cooperation with Intel.

Best of both Worlds

There are a few names in the IT sector that make it click immediately. Intel is certainly one of the visionaries in the PC sector. In addition to the well-known processors, Intel was also active for a long time in housing construction. So it is all the more understandable that Fractal Design is proud of a cooperation. Together the two companies have designed the new Era ITX. While Fractal Design started to concentrate on fancy and handsome designs in the last years, Intel’s focus was on flexible functionality. The collaboration between the two industry experts was now to create the optimal middle ground. Cool and unique design should be combined with functionality.

In total you can choose between five different designs.

A very special housing

As a Mini-ITX case, the Era ITX clearly stands out from its competitors. This already starts with the extensive functionality despite its small size. Here rather a small, practical form factor with extensive functions should be achieved. Elegant design with a small size should meet innovation and technology. In terms of design, the new Era ITX relies on an aluminium shell. But in addition to aluminium, Fractal Design also uses wood and tempered glass for the materials. Not only the different materials provide an individual design. The manufacturer also offers a choice of different colour variants. Intel is also convinced of the design. For example, Chris Silva (General Manager of the Desktop Product Group) says that the elegant look and small form factor when assembling the system opens up completely new possibilities for creative people.

The intervention of Intel

While Fractal Design provides the optical accents of the Era ITX, Intel offers know-how in the area of technical design. Here, according to Chris Silva, the user experience is the primary focus of the work. For example, the new Mini ITX housing supports Intel’s most powerful processors. This even includes those of the ninth generation. In addition to support for the latest Intel processors, the new Era ITX also offers space for dual-slot GPUs and Aio water cooling. Furthermore, a maximum of four storage devices can be installed. Although the case is very small, with a volume of just 16 litres, it offers innovative options for installing the components. In particular, this is a PSU mounting system. The design is not only pleasing to the eye, but is also intended to offer practical cooling features. With the so-called “chimney design”, an effective draught should be possible.

The PSU mounting system makes it easier to install the components.

Price and availability

With the new Era ITX Fractal Design could deliver a real TOP product in the Mini ITX range. Here one profits not only from a respectable design, but also from mature functionality. The case is now available at a RRP of just under 160 Euro. Depending on the design, the price may also be lower.

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