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Fractal Design Define S2 Vision RGB Case Review

System Construction in the Define S2 Vision

Our installed hardware:

The installation of our hardware could be done easily and quickly. It’s fun to build Fractal Design Define S2 Vision RGB. We were particularly impressed by the RGB lighting that can be switched in series.

At first we were a little surprised that the radiator of our water cooling could not be mounted in the lid. After replacing the top bracket, this was also possible without any further problems. The glass panel could simply be removed at the push of a button, then a few screws had to be loosened to screw the other Top Bracket back in place.

As with the Define S2, the radiator can also be mounted outside the housing on the Top Bracket. This is to be recommended, because you can lay the cables of the fans much easier behind the mainboard.

In our test we were able to install hardware without any problems. The case offers very generous space, which not only allows a lot of freedom in the choice of hardware, but also makes mounting considerably easier. In the course of this we also noticed the very easy opening and closing of the side parts. The attachment or loosening of screws is not necessary at any time.


The Define S2 has been described by us as excellent for the installation of high-quality water cooling systems. This is also the case with the Define S2 Vision (RGB). With up to nine installable fans or radiators, the housing offers a host of cooling options. Four fans are already pre-assembled.

Of course, one could think that the cooling suffers due to the glass surfaces, but fortunately this is not the case. Fractal Design has ensured a good distance between the front fans and the glass surface, so that they can draw enough air through the side openings.

The cooling options are therefore very extensive, so that even powerful hardware components that require very sophisticated cooling can be used without any problems. Thanks to the supplied holder for a water pump, custom water cooling is also possible.

Another aspect taken over from the predecessor is the optional opening of the lid. The user is free to decide whether he wants to place the top of the glass part or a dust filter. If fans or radiators are mounted in the cover, the dust filter is used. This gives further freedom in the conception of the entire system.

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