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Gigaset GS185: The “Made in Germany” Smartphone Reviewed


The display has a modern design with its 18:9 format. The resolution of 1,440 x 720 pixels is considered to be outdated, but in a device of this price class it is quite reasonable. The resolution is sufficient for everyday use and is easy on the battery. The illumination of the display is good and even if the brightness is in the middle range, everything is visible even in direct sunlight. Unfortunately, the brightness sensor doesn’t work very well, the automatic brightness is usually too dark.


A thirteen-megapixel camera is housed on both the front and back of the camera. These cameras fit in well with the GS185’s previous impression. In the best environmental conditions, they can be used to take quite respectable photos. However, if the light is not moving or the weather conditions are not playing along, the pictures taken do not appear to be of high quality. At night, for example, it is impossible to take any recognizable pictures – on the photos taken, outlines are barely recognizable.

In daylight and favourable environmental conditions, however, the images are acceptable. Ultimately, not much can be expected from a beginner’s smartphone – if you think the best photo quality is important, you should go for a more specialized, more expensive smartphone. With this model acceptable Selfies and sufficiently good memory photos can be taken. High-quality or even professional recordings, on the other hand, are not possible.

The HDR mode, which significantly improves the otherwise rather poor color representation, is particularly noticeable. Selfies are also significantly enhanced by the HDR mode. Overall, the use of this mode is recommended in any case. Despite the slow processor, the HDR recordings are now processed much faster than with previous Gigaset smartphones – and can therefore be recorded from the wrist without blurring.

Unfortunately the camera hung up during our test and had to be restarted. The original photos (uncompressed) can be downloaded here.

Operating System

Surprisingly, the latest Android version 8.1 is used as the operating system. The use of the latest operating system is by no means a matter of course. Even well-known competitors such as Samsung have not always been able to integrate the new Android system into their latest devices. The use of Android 8.1 therefore represents a clear plus point.

Gigaset complements the operating system supplied by Google only minimally. So some backgrounds and two apps are added. Gigaset does not make any further adjustments. Hereby the German manufacturer avoids a frequent problem of many other manufacturers: Most companies develop their own Android interface based on the “normal version”. These adapted surfaces are regularly criticized sharply by users.

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Gigaset GS185 Smartphone - 18:9 Touch-Display (5,5 Zoll); 16GB Speicher – (Slot für 256 GB Zusatzspeicher, Android 8.1); Dual-Sim; Fingersensor; Made in Germany - Midnight Blue im Preisvergleich

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