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Havit KB462L Review – Affordable Mechanical Keyboard


Just the name of the software was a bit surprising after the installation. “Havit KB378L Gaming Keyboard” is under the icon on the desktop. But yes, it is actually the software for our KB462L, because after opening it the layout of that keyboard is shown. Someone forgot to change the name when packing the setup.

Well, be that as it may. Unfortunately, the software itself is not a feast for the eyes. Everything looks as if it was quickly cobbled together. Does it at least work? Yes, it works, even if everything doesn’t work as intuitively as you might be used to. You can manage up to three profiles. It is important that the active profile is highlighted in red. The active profile cannot be edited. Change profile and press “Ok”, zack the software closes by itself, but the profile is active. Well, we remember, if we are not finished, we just press “Apply”.

For individualists the keyboard is worthwhile, really every key can be freely assigned with functions and macros. And that even works. Unfortunately we have to criticize that there are only three profiles. To change these, the software must be started and the profile selected. Unfortunately, we cannot store a function key for this.

In addition to the buttons, the RGB lighting can also be configured. We can only choose between prefabricated effects and adjust the brightness, speed and, if necessary, the running direction. If you want the keyboard to glow constantly in one color, we can also adjust it, but only for all keys at once. Only to let a certain area shine or certain keys don’t work.

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