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How to Withdraw Your Payback Points to Your Bank Account

More and more people are using the Payback service. Those who agree to the transfer or use of their data receive a Payback card, which they can present when shopping in participating stores. For each purchase, points are booked on the card, which can be exchanged for discounts and premiums. What many customers are not aware of, however, is the fact that Payback points can also be exchanged for money.

This exchange is only possible via the official website of “Payback”, which can be accessed at the Internet address Before logging in, consumers should always make sure that they have actually landed on the official website. If another URL is mentioned in the address bar, it is probably a phishing attempt.

After logging in, most customers will look in vain for a way to get cash. Payback is interested in exchanging the points they collect for discounts and bonuses as much as possible. The company therefore does not find it convenient for the customer to demand a payout of the balance. For this reason, the option of having the points paid out to one’s own bank account has been hidden. Under it can be found however.

If you enter this address in the browser line, you will be given the opportunity to exchange the collected points for cash. After you have logged in, you will be given the opportunity to check your bank details. Be sure to enter the data correctly. Otherwise it may happen that your money is transferred to an incorrect account. The payout process is triggered by clicking on “Confirm”. Payback then pays out your balance within one week.

It is possible to pay out the balance after 200 points have been collected. Each point is worth one cent, so at least two euros must be paid out. Of course, the entire balance does not have to be paid out. You can also choose to withdraw only part of your points.

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