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Huge 35″ gaming monitor without compromise? – AOC AGON AG353UCG

The new gaming monitor AG353UCG from the AGON series by AOC is an absolute flagship. On the one hand regarding the impressive specs, but also regarding the proud price, which is still demanded for it. In this review I will clarify if this price is reasonable and what you get for your money.

Design: A chic beast

The design of the AG353UCG has the well-known gaming style, as you know it from many products from the gaming divisions of well-known manufacturers. Nevertheless, the monitor looks very modern and minimalistic, which I like very much. On the back of the display there is an RGB ring around the suspension.

In addition, there is a small LED on the bottom of the monitor in which the joystick is inserted with which you can operate the OSD and thus the RGB settings of the device. Here, all kinds of colour gradients and patterns can be selected to bring a little more RGB on the desk.

However, I think that unfortunately you can see the colour spectacle a little too little when you sit in front of the screen. And also the reflection from the wall was, although I set the highest brightness, only little visible even in the dark. For most people, the monitor stands with its back to a wall, so the LED ring would unfortunately never be directly visible. In my opinion, an LED strip under the panel that illuminates the surface of the table would have been a much more interesting idea.

All in all, the screen is kept very “clean” and not extremely kitschy like some gaming accessories you can find in stores. The monitor offers a well-done mix of clean edges, gaming accents and a generally minimalist design, which makes for a nice look on the desk.

Workmanship and features: Top-Notch

The AG353UCG comes well packed in a nicely organized box. The screen mount consists of two parts. One is a red metallic base with a rubber coating on the underside to ensure that the monitor is stable after installation, and the other is a height-adjustable spine in which the display is suspended.

I like the installation very much, because the suspension of the panel is very easy and yet stable and safe. With the different possibilities to adjust the screen in height and tilt, everyone can adjust it for long lasting gaming sessions. In general, the workmanship of the device appears extremely valuable and you don’t have the feeling that the quality has been compromised.

The DisplayPort and HDMI inputs, as well as USB 3.1 ports, can be found on the back of the monitor, so that you can also use the screen as a USB hub.

Under the screen there are two dts certified 8 watt speakers, which can get quite loud. Of course, they can’t compete with separate speakers in terms of sound quality, but they’re very good for monitor speakers.

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AOC AGON AG353UCG 89 cm (35 Zoll) Curved Monitor (HDMI, DisplayPort, USB Hub, G-Sync, HDR 1000, 2ms Reaktionszeit, 3440x1440, 200 Hz) schwarz/rot im Preisvergleich

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