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Hydro X: Corsair Exhibits Custom Water Cooling Components at Computex

CORSAIR, a global leader in gaming peripherals and components for enthusiasts, today announced the launch of the highly anticipated CORSAIR Hydro X Series. The product line comprises a wide range of individual cooling components and offers enthusiasts enormous possibilities for building particularly powerful and outstanding PC systems.

From CPU and graphics card water blocks to a pump/compensation tank combination, connections and hoses to radiators and coolants, the Hydro X Series offers everything you need to build spectacular cooling circuits. The CORSAIR Hydro X Series enables lower temperatures, higher performance and also provides an optical highlight thanks to impressive RGB lighting.

Rigorous tests and controls guarantee highest reliability and stability. The Hydro X Series is compatible with all CORSAIR cases and cooling components; in combination with the CORSAIR iCUE software, the fan and pump speed can be controlled and the lighting can be adjusted to suit personal preferences.

The Hydro X Series cools modern desktop CPUs with the XC7 and XC9 RGB water blocks. A nickel-plated copper heat sink, more than 70 highly efficient microfins and pre-applied thermal paste ensure impressive cooling performance. At the same time, 16 individually controllable RGB LEDs and a transparent flow chamber allow you to reveal your personal style at any time.

The water blocks of the XG7 RGB series are designed for a variety of current graphics cards, including the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 Series. XG7 blocks are full-cover solutions with integrated aluminium backplate and RGB lighting that take the look and performance of the graphics card to the next level. Installation is quick and easy thanks to the factory-applied heat-conducting paste and the heat-conducting pads already attached.

The RGB XD5 pump/balance tank combination ensures a smoothly functioning cooling circuit by means of a D5 pump, a 330 ml balance tank and integrated fillport. Ten RGB LEDs on the top side illuminate the container, while a temperature sensor supplied directly from the cooling circuit provides real-time data on the temperature of the coolant.

All other components needed to complete individual cooling systems are also found in the Hydro X Series: 120 to 480mm copper core radiators, acrylic tubing and hoses, a wide range of connections with a variety of angled adapters for different hose runs, and extensively tested coolants in a variety of colours. The Hydro X Series combines perfectly with a wide range of CORSAIR enclosures and is compatible with most cooling components on the market thanks to standard G1/4 threads.

The central components of the Hydro X Series are equipped with impressive RGB LED lighting, controlled by a CORSAIR iCUE RGB controller and CORSAIR iCUE software. iCUE connects all compatible CORSAIR components and peripherals via a single interface, allowing you to create synchronized lighting effects throughout the system or provide immersive lighting in supported games to suit the game situation.

The Hydro X Series not only sets new standards in terms of performance and customizability, but also opens up new perspectives for enthusiasts of cooling PC systems. For a long time, the construction of our own cooling system was reserved exclusively for professionals. With factory-applied thermal compound and thermal pads, easy-to-understand installation videos and its own round-the-clock customer service, the Hydro X Series is the ideal way for beginners and experts alike to lower temperatures and an aesthetic, custom cooling system.

Would you like to know which components you specifically need for your cooling concept? The answer is provided by the new configurator on the CORSAIR website. Simply name your core components and the configurator will compile a complete list of Hydro X Series parts for your individual PC cooling circuit. The partial list can also be adjusted based on additional preferences such as overclocking. The configurator can then automatically populate your shopping cart with the personalized list for a convenient shopping experience.

The Hydro X Series includes a wide range of high quality components that make it possible to create outstanding cooling systems – more easily than ever before. If you want to take your PC system to the next level in terms of performance and style, the Hydro X Series can help you customise your cooling circuits.

Availability, Warranty and Prices

The CORSAIR Hydro X Series is now available directly from CORSAIR-Onlineshop and will be available worldwide from all CORSAIR sales and specialist dealers in the coming weeks.

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