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Ikea Tradfri Review: Smart Home Made Simple

The entrance into the topic Smart Home turns out nowadays ever more difficult, since there are really many products on the market. Ikea has addressed this issue and launched the Tradfri product series at the end of 2016. In the meantime, the products have matured and become even smarter. We tested Ikea Tradfri for you.

In our test we treat two products. The first product set consists of a 600 lumen LED lamp, nine selectable colours and a remote control. To enable control via Home Assistant or smartphones, there is also a gateway, the second product in our test.

In the test we use the following products:

Installation and Setup of the LED Lamp Plus Remote Control

Ikea definitely earns plus points during installation and setup. If you buy the set, consisting of lamp and remote control (34.99 €) these components work directly with each other. The lamp can be switched on and off or dimmed via the five buttons. Of course you can also change the color with it. So: Turn the LED into a suitable lamp and switch it on – done!

Scope of supply of the dimming set – illuminant and remote control

Of course, the remote control is included in the scope of delivery. It includes a base with which we can also hang the remote control on the wall. If you don’t want to make holes in the wall, an adhesive pad is also included. The connection range is quite pleasant. Inside the apartment (old building with very thick walls) we were able to operate the light six to seven meters away through several walls without any problems.

If you want to control more lamps (19,99 €) with the remote control, the coupling works almost by itself. Hold the remote control at a distance of two centimeters from the lamp and press the pairing button for ten seconds. The lamp begins to look, after successful coupling it lights up again completely normally. However, the lamps can not be divided into groups via the remote control, therefore all lamps are controlled simultaneously. Accordingly we either use several remote controls or we make the whole thing smarter and use the gateway (29,99 €).

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