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Inter-Tech F-762 Silencer – Damped Midi Tower reviewed

Exterior Impression

Front view

Externally, Inter-Tech has designed the F-762 Silencer to be very simple and unobtrusive. It looks like a silent housing of the first hour. But let’s start in the front. It consists of a plastic element, which was provided with a structure of brushed aluminum. As an optical highlight, Inter-Tech has added a carbon strip and three buttons to the right side of the front element. However, these have no effect and are only optics. If you look at the side parts of the front, you can also see an SDHC card reader. What we miss however are openings or fan grilles through which the front fans can transport fresh air into the interior. Only a small recessed grip on the underside could allow air to flow in. Unfortunately there is also no dust filter in the front. For better noise insulation, the front element was lined from the inside with an insulating mat.

Next, let’s turn to the lid section. This follows the simple design concept optically and is completely closed and insulated from the inside. The F-762 does not have a possibility to open certain areas for a better airflow. The I/O panel is located in the front area and attached to the front element. There are three USB ports (2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0), 1x headphone and 1x microphone, as well as two buttons for power and reset. However, these connectors are very strangely divided. Each USB 3.0 port has to be connected to the mainboard individually via an 18pin header. If the motherboard does not have two internal 18pin headers, both USB 3.0 ports of the I/O panel cannot be used.  On request, the manufacturer has assured us that this connector design will be changed in the future.

Both side parts are completely closed and lined with insulating mats from the inside. These make both side panels look stable and have a good weight. For easy disassembly, both side panels have practical removal aids and knurled screws.

The underside of the F-762 Silencer doesn’t hide any special highlights. The Midi-Tower stands on solid plastic feet which have been fitted with rubber strips to reduce noise. The power supply at the bottom is protected from dust by a mesh filter.

The back side corresponds to the usual standard of current midi towers. The power supply is mounted at the bottom, above it there are seven slots for PCI expansion cards. These are screwed from the outside and are reusable. A 120 mm fan can be attached to the rear of the case to transport the warm exhaust air out of the case. However, you have to buy this one as the manufacturer doesn’t have pre-installed fans.

The external processing and the varnishing are basically in order. However, the majority of the total weight is carried by the side panels. If you take these off, the body is quite light and only conditionally torsionally stiff. A higher material thickness would have been desirable, but would probably have resulted in a higher price.

Inside Impression

Inter-Tech has also been following the current trend for some time now, designing the interior very openly and dividing it into two chambers with a power supply cover. The area above the power supply tunnel is very open and has various openings for better cable routing. To the right of the mainboard tray there are openings and two mounting points for SSDs or 2.5″ hard drives and space for three 120 mm fans.

The power supply tunnel covers almost the entire lower part of the Midi Tower. However, to ensure compatibility with AiO water cooling systems, the cover has a cut-out in the front area. Two additional 120 mm fans can also be mounted above the cover. The airflow for these fans is to be ensured by openings in gill optics.

Let us now turn to the back and the lower chamber. In this chamber the power supply and two more hard disks will be placed. The manufacturer has installed a hard disk cage to the left of the power supply area. In this cage either two 3,5″-HDDs can be fixed without tools or two 2,5″-SSDs with four screws. If the space below the cover is needed for a larger power supply, the cage can also be completely removed. The power supply unit is located to the right of the HDD cage and is mounted on steel elements, which are covered with foam rubber strips for decoupling.

The internal processing and painting are in order. The material could have been a bit thicker in some places but also in the interior.

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