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Inter-Tech S-3901 Impulse Review: Mid-Range Case with Eye-Catching Addressable RGB Illumination

Recently, the German company Inter-Tech introduced two new enclosures. In addition to the S-3901 pulse, which will be examined in more detail in this report, the manufacturer also presented the case S-3906-Renegade, which we have also subjected to a practical test.

Both models will be advertised as suitable for high-end systems, and also as optically particularly outstanding enclosures. The following test report will clarify whether this promise can be kept in relation to the impulse housing.

Scope of Delivery

The housing is delivered in a cardboard box lined with foam. Due to the fact that a side window made of glass is a central component of the housing, safe delivery is of great importance – after all, no customer wants to receive a damaged side window. For this reason, the choice of unbreakable foam appears to be extremely wise. Another positive aspect is that the side window is covered with two protective films, so that it is also protected from scratches and other minor damage.

In addition to the housing, which is already equipped with a control board for up to seven RGB fans and a pre-installed RGB fan, there are numerous screws, cable ties, a tool for fastening the spacers and an operating manual in the box.

The equipment is therefore not only well packed, but also extensive.


Visually, the case wants to impress with its RGB elements and the large side window, which allows a comprehensive view into the interior. In fact, it is a comparatively conspicuous model that knows how to attract attention in any case.

On the front side, there are two RGB strips that extend into the lid and can be illuminated as desired. In addition, the side window allows a view of the interior, where an RGB LED fan is also pre-mounted. All in all, it’s a comparatively colorful sight – the case shines in various places.

The lighting is controlled via a digital 3-pin connector of the built-in mainboard or via an LED button. The colour scheme and lighting effects can therefore be adapted to the individual preferences of each user, which is certainly advantageous.

The exterior and interior of the housing are otherwise painted black, which creates a pleasant contrast to the colourful lighting of the RGB elements.

All in all, the case has an appealing design – Inter-Tech keeps the promise of an illuminated, technically sophisticated device in any case.

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