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Inter-Tech S-3901 Impulse Review: Mid-Range Case with Eye-Catching Addressable RGB Illumination

System Construction

In this section, the possibilities of system construction in the S-3901 pulses from Inter-Tech will be examined in more detail. The manufacturer promises to offer the possibility of setting up a high-end system.

First of all, it should be mentioned that four spacers are already fitted as standard in the housing, which is a great advantage for the installation of further hardware components.

Of course, additional holders are required for the permanent installation of a system. Therefore, we mounted the other spacers with the tool that was also included, which was no problem. It is positive to note that Inter-Tech ships the required special tool with the housing.

We have installed the following products in the housing:

System construction in Inter-Tech S-3901 Impulse
System construction in Inter-Tech S-3901 Impulse


The installation of CPU coolers is also easy. With a maximum height of 175 millimeters, InterTech’s housing offers a comparatively large amount of space so that customers are free to choose their CPU coolers. All common models should fit easily into the case.

Water coolers can be mounted in the front as well as in the cover. In both cases there is no impairment of other components due to offset mounting rails – especially the RAM coolers remain unaffected, which is not the case with all housings.

The housing has a pull-out dust filter under the power supply unit on the underside. From here no dust penetrates into the housing. Even if the case looks quite closed otherwise: This is not the case. To the right and left of the lighting strip is a metal grid with a fine mesh that lets air through while at the same time acting as a dust filter. However, these cannot simply be pulled out, but must simply be wiped off the housing in order to clean them.

Graphics Card and Hard Drives

The situation is different with the graphics card, whose maximum official length is 275 millimeters. Other midi towers offer more space here, which leads to greater freedom of choice. However, Inter-Tech has indicated this value rather conservatively. So it was also possible for us to install a 298 millimeter long graphics card without any problems. The elevation of the cable shaft caused us some doubts at first, but it fitted without any problems. It became only a little narrow, because we have installed a radiator with appropriate fans in the front also. If you only use fans in the front and don’t mount SSDs next to the mainboard, you should be able to mount about 32 centimeters.

As already mentioned in the previous section, there are four slots available for hard disks. Two 2.5-inch models and two 3.5-inch models can be mounted decoupled. The larger models fit under the power supply cover, while the smaller hard drives can be mounted on the front or back above the hard drive cage.

The hard disks can only be screwed from the front, which is not necessarily advantageous if water cooling is to be installed in the front. In this case the hard disks must be installed first. Much more sophisticated is the possibility of attaching the 3.5″ hard disks directly to the housing with a screw. This should be important for users who want to rebuild their PC more often.

Cable Management

Openings are available for cabling the system. In the sense of effective cable management, this should ensure that the cables are routed through the housing in an orderly manner, which not only leads to organisational but also to optical advantages – after all, nobody wants to look through the side window at an unsorted cable jumble.

Cable glands everywhere in the enclosure
Cable glands everywhere in the enclosure

In the test, the controlled cable routing works very well, which is also due to the clever placement of the openings. It should be noted, however, that the storage space behind the mainboard tray is a little tight, so we had problems with the 8-pin CPU cable, for example.

Conclusion of the Inter-Tech S-3901 Impulse Review

The housing offers a comparatively wide range of system construction options and at the same time impresses with its RGB-stressed design and large side window made of tempered glass. Also the workmanship of the Midi Tower is good for the most part. High-end systems can be realized in this housing.

Both positively and negatively we noticed the combined control unit for RGB lighting and fan. The RGB lighting can be controlled via switch or mainboard, which is very good. Due to the proprietary connections, however, no further devices can be connected at present. It is the same with the fans, so it has to stay with one RGB fan at the moment. Only four 3-pin fans without lighting can be connected. Also a pass-through of the control signal from the mainboard would have been super.

In view of the price of the Inter-Tech S-3901 Impulse, however, this is bleating at a high level. The price-performance ratio of the eye-catching mid-range case is good and can therefore recommend it with a clear conscience.

Inter-Tech S-3901 Impulse

Value for Money

A good mid-range enclosure with RGB lighting, side windows and many installation options.

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