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Inter-Tech S-3906 Renegade Review


Visually, the Inter-Tech Renegade is one of the more eye-catching enclosures. Especially the three-dimensional asymmetrical front contributes to this look. In addition to this unusual shape, a C-shaped RGB strip is located in the front panel, which is controlled via the integrated circuit board. This RGB strip and the pre-installed RGB fan are a real eye-catcher and have many different modes such as rainbow, pulsating or a fixed color when using the pre-installed controller. The control via mainboard with the corresponding lighting modes of the mainboard manufacturer is also possible through an addressable 3-pin RGB LED connector.

Front view

The appearance of the lid is dominated by a large fan opening. In order to hide the laterally offset mounting rails and to protect the components from dust, Inter-Tech has implemented a dust filter for the lid. Last but not least there is the well-equipped I/O panel in the front cover area. Two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, a microphone and headphone output and three buttons for power, reset and lighting are available.

The right side panel is made of real glass, is slightly tinted and is screwed to the body with four screws. These screws have small rubber washers to protect the glass window from scratches. The left side panel is completely closed and has knurled screws or a recessed grip.

The remaining areas are not very different from other midi towers. At the rear there are seven PCI slots, the mounting area for the power supply unit and the pre-installed case fans with a frame width of 120 mm. The manufacturer has implemented a magnetic dust filter for the power supply unit.

Like the exterior paint, the interior of the S-3906 is painted completely black. All in all, the interior is very open and is divided into two chambers by a simple power supply cover without logos. In the upper chamber the mainboard and the rest of the hardware find a place as usual. There are several openings around the mainboard tray for better cable routing. These openings do not have rubber coatings.

In the case of 2.5″ HDDs, hard drives are mounted to the right of the mainboard tray or, in the case of 3.5″ HDDs, directly under the power supply cover in a special hard drive cage.

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