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Inter-Tech S-3906 Renegade Review

System Construction in the S-3906 Renegade

Now we come to system installation. As hardware I use a Intel Xeon 1230v3 on a Gigabyte H87M-D3H with 16GB RAM. The Xeon is cooled by a Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 240 All-in-One-Wasserkühlung with two Fractal Design HP-12 PWM. An HD 7850 2GB from Asus is responsible for the image output. The power supply is done by the non-modular be quiet! Pure Power with 400W

The installation of the main components was completed quickly. Four spacers were already pre-assembled and one of these spacers has a slightly higher edge so that the mainboard stays in place for a short time without having to be screwed down. The other spacers could easily be screwed in due to the included nut for the screwdriver.

Altogether the Midi Tower offers enough space for hardware. With a maximum supported height of 175 mm, currently all common CPU coolers should fit this case. When installing graphics cards, however, the buyer has to do without some space. Built-in graphics accelerators must not be longer than 275 mm, so various custom cooling systems are out of the question.

While we are at water cooling, the used Arctic Liquid Freezer 240 could be mounted in the front of the Renegade or in the lid. Due to the offset mounting rails in the lid, there is no conflict between the components used and the VRM or RAM coolers.

The wiring of the whole system looks tidy at least on the front and looks tidy. The openings for the cables are well placed. Unnecessary cables can be easily hidden under the power supply cover. If you look at the picture of the wired back, you can quickly see that most of the cables are rather in the left area. The reason for this is relatively simple: directly behind the mainboard is unfortunately with 12 mm relatively little space. This is enough for the thin fan and SATA cables, but the 24pin ATX cable only fits into the deeper slot on the left side.

Wiring – Rear

The Renegade supports a maximum of four hard disks. Two 3.5″ data carriers can be placed under the power supply cover. Four long screws and rubber decouplers are used for mounting. The HDD can also be attached directly to the cage with a screw for easy transport of the housing. Two further data carriers in 2.5″ format can be placed vertically over the hard disk cage on the rear side. Inter-Tech also includes thin self-adhesive rubber rings for decoupling. Unfortunately, it is a bit unfavorable that the hard disks have to be screwed from the front. If you plan to install a radiator in the front, you first have to install the hard disks, otherwise you can only screw them on one side.

Finally, we come to the temperatures reached in the S-3906 Renegade. During the load test, a total of 15 minutes of Prime95 and FurMark were carried out at a room temperature of 14.5 °C. The test was carried out in a room temperature of 14.5 °C. The test was carried out in a test room. The pre-installed fan could not be controlled despite the connected PWM connection. This means that the fan can be heard especially in idle mode. The fans on the radiator and the pump were operated with the Silent profile. This resulted in temperatures of 71°C for the CPU and 70°C for the GPU when the radiator is mounted in the lid. If the radiator is located in the front, this resulted in 65°C for the processor and 74°C for the graphics card.

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