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Kolink Horizon RGB: Spacious Midi-Tower with Lots of Glass and RGB Reviewed

Exterior Impression

Optically the Kolink Horizon looks very stylish and noble. One reason for this is the glass element in the front, which covers almost the entire front. In order for the three pre-installed RGB fans in the front to still get air, the manufacturer has fitted small ventilation openings on the sides and additionally equipped these with mesh dust filters. Whether these openings are large enough for all three front fans, however, we will find out in a later section.

Finally, you will find the front-facing I/O panel in the front. There are two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, one connection each for headphones and microphone, as well as three buttons for power, reset and RGB control. Plastic with a brushed aluminum finish was also used around the I/O panel. Since the Horizon is definitely aimed at buyers who attach great importance to optics, it is in our eyes an absolute no-go that the cables are partly colorful and not completely black.


The lid section of the Horizon is quite unspectacular. The largest part of the lid is characterized by a fan opening for two fans with a frame width of 120 mm. To protect against dust and to improve the optics, the scope of delivery also includes a magnetic dust filter made of mesh that covers the fan openings.

If one takes a look at the side parts, at least the glass trend continues on the left side of the horizon. Kolink has also used an element made of tempered glass here. This washer has a thickness of 4 mm and is held in place with four flat knurled screws. The right side panel, on the other hand, is completely made of steel and has a bulge to facilitate cable management.

right side

The floor and rear, on the other hand, do not offer any unusual features. The Horizon stands on solid plastic feet and has a mesh dust filter for the power supply, but its removal is quite complicated. The power supply unit is mounted accordingly at the bottom and above it there are the seven PCI slot bezels which are screwed inside the housing and are reusable. To round off the RGB effects, the Horizon also has a fourth RGB fan in the rear.

The external workmanship is good and the stability of the side parts or the body correspond to the price class aimed at. In addition, there are no sharp edges and we did not find any faults in the paintwork.

Internal Impression

The interior of the Kolink Horizon is characterized by a lot of space and an open interior design. In the lower area, a cover has been installed, which divides the Midi Tower into two areas and thus covers the power supply, the HDD cage and the cabling. In addition, the cover offers a mounting option for an SSD and a cut-out for mounting thicker radiators in the front. The mainboard and the expansion cards are mounted above the front panel. In order to facilitate cabling, Kolink has also made sufficiently dimensioned openings for cable management around the mounting surface.

A look at the back of the mainboard carriage reveals further parts of the cable management system and the pre-installed control board for the RGB fans. As mentioned before, the power supply and the hard disk cage are covered by a screen to make the system look tidier. The hard disk cage offers the possibility to accommodate two 2.5″ or 3.5″ HDDs. Two simple plastic frames without decoupling serve as fastening. In addition, the rear side of the mainboard tray offers the possibility to mount two additional SSDs there.

The workmanship inside is better than with other Kolink products. The frame looks stable even without side parts and the paint is even. In addition, all edges are folded and therefore offer no possibility of injury.

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